Mzimba women benefit from Mtukula Pakhomo

  • 14th December 2021
  • Category: News

In October 2021, a team from the Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare went to Mzimba North district to visit beneficiaries of the Social Cash Transfers Programme (SCTP) and see how they have been impacted by the Mtukula Pakhomo. This article spotlights two female beneficiaries’ stories:

Thokozire’s story

Thokozire Mwale has been one of the beneficiaries for the Mtukula Pakhomo since 2016. Through the money she has received from the SCTP she has been able to renovate her house, extending it to have two rooms so she can rent one to help her family financially.

Most recently though, she has been using her money to invest in livestock to have an alternative source of income. She has recently bought a pig with the funds from the SCTP and during the visit in October the pig had given birth to 7 small piglets!

The money Mrs Mwale receives through the SCTP is used by her family to cater for their most pressing needs including food, water, shelter and to pay for school fees for her children. She has been able to invest the money from the SCTP into livestock and house repairs to create a sustainable income to support her growing family.