Lucy's Story

  • 24th November 2020
  • Category: Impact Stories
Lucy’s Story Lucy Kachingwe is another Cash Transfer beneficiary who testified to the positive impact of the programme since her enrolment in the SCTP four years ago. Lucy, 65 from Matando village in the Mangochi TA of Mponda in expressed her gratitude towards the program which is transforming lives across the country. She heads a household with seven members in total, four of which are school-going children. “Before being registered in the Mtukula Pakhomo Program, my household was usually taking one meal a day because our family was facing food shortages and also challenges to meet life sustaining needs every day,” said Lucy. She continued by explaining that after being enrolled as a beneficiary the household has seen tremendous change. As of now, the household is able to enjoy three meals a day and to afford their basic needs.