Macfalden’s Story

  • 24th November 2020
  • Category: Impact Stories
Macfalen Kamanga, aged 40 from Malichi village in the Zomba TA of Kutumanji, met with us in November and explained that the program has relieved his family from the perennial problem it was facing such as food scarcity and the supply of basic necessities for his sick wife and eight children. He stressed that his life had been tough since his wife had a stroke years ago as she can neither walk nor work. “Before the social cash transfer it was difficult for me to provide for the all needs of the family since I was only depending on my small capital business of selling groundnuts, tomatoes and onions,” he said. Kamanga stressed that enrolling in Mtukula Pakhomo has helped to provide capital for the family business, money to buy food and cover medical costs for his sick wife and school-going children. He also shared that the same programme has enabled him to purchase goats, of which he now has four.