Awema's Story

  • 24th November 2020
  • Category: Impact Stories


Awema’s Story

Meet Mrs. Awema Assan from Chiwalokonje village in Zomba district. Awema, a widow in her seventies, takes care of six double orphaned grandchildren. She is happy with the Mtukula Pakhomo program as it has transformed her household. “By the time I was being enrolled in the program I had no house, the house got damaged by powerful rainfall and the first cash transfers I got I started moulding bricks and then I burnt them.” She said. Awema used successive cash transfers to finalise the house which is currently in its final phase of construction. She also stated that with the money she receives, she has bought land for one of her daughters to construct a house. Awema praised the program as it has helped ease some of the financial burdens she has faced and said she can now afford to provide her grandchildren with basic necessities. She said she plans to use her recent cash transfer payment to buy affordable fertilizer and seeds to ensure that the household harvests in the coming year can sustain her and her family. She also has plans to use any leftover cash from her transfer payment to cover household basic needs. She wanted to thank government and development partners who are supporting the program with the aim of assisting the most vulnerable households in Malawi.