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    Innocenti Research
    Brief: Understanding
    2018-01-01 Reports UNICEF Malawi pdf

    DFID Cash Transfers
    Evidence Paper 2011...
    2011-01-01 Reports Catherine, A et. al Multi pdf

    Malik (2020):
    Malawis Journey
    2020-01-01 Reports Tariq Malik Malawi pdf

    GSMA (2020)
    Opportunities for
    2020-01-01 Reports Jacobs, L. Malawi, Kenya pdf

    4th September 2020
    State of the Nation
    2020-01-01 Reports Chakwera, L. Malawi pdf

    2020/2021 Malawi
    Budget Statement ...
    2020-01-01 Reports Government of Malawi Malawi pdf

    Malawi Economic
    Monitor (2018)
    2018-01-01 Reports The World Bank Malawi pdf

    Angeles et. al.
    (2018) Paying for
    2018-01-01 Reports Angeles et al. Malawi pdf

    Aggarwal et al.
    (2020) Cashing In
    2020-01-01 Reports Aggarwal et al. Malawi pdf

    Finmark Trust (2012)
    Mapping the Retail
    2012-01-01 Reports Finmark Trust Multi pdf

    Chauma and Matita
    (2019) Does
    2019-01-01 Reports Chauma and Matita Malawi pdf

    Archibald (2020)
    Analysis of Child
    2020-01-01 Reports Archibald, E. Malawi pdf

    2017 Public
    Procurement and
    Asset Disp...
    2017-01-01 Reports Government of Malawi Malawi pdf

    2020 Education
    Outcomes SCTP Policy
    2020-01-01 Reports The Transfer Project Malawi pdf

    2018 MNSSP II...
    2018-01-01 Reports Government of Malawi Malawi pdf

    2018 National
    Resilience Strategy...
    2018-01-01 Reports Government of Malawi Malawi pdf

    0000-00-00 Manuals Martha Malawi pdf

    Social Protection
    Webinar 02 12 2021 -
    2021-12-03 Presentation Social Protection Malawi pdf