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Sustained savings led to opening community creche for beneficiary in Dowa

From the outskirts of Mtateni village lives Mr Milioni, a beneficiary of the Social Cash Transfers Programme (SCTP) since 2018. Mr Millioni heads a six-member household.

Before being selected for the program, the household was living in a thatch roofed-earthen brick house where Read more..

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The Makileni Household – an example of SCTP success

Another success story of the Social Cash Transfers Programme (SCTP) comes from the Makileni household in Mombaela village in Dowa district.

Mrs. Makileni and her husband joined the program in the year of 2018. At the time, their household of eight members was suffering from abject Read more..

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SCTP Dowa beneficiary invests in livestock and now has booming business

On 10th May 2022, SCTP district officials in Dowa district met Mr Abraham who spoke to them about how he has been positively impacted by the Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP).

Mr Abraham from Chivala cluster is the 60-year-old head of a five-member household benefiting from the Read more..