Excitement Abounds in Mulanje District as New Beneficiaries Enroll in Social Cash Transfer Program

  • 18th June 2024
  • Category: News

In a significant stride towards poverty alleviation, newly selected beneficiaries for the Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP) in Mulanje District are extremely excited about their inclusion into the program. As beneficiaries get registered into the program, it marks a pivotal shift in the selection process, moving from the previous criteria to a more focused approach known as categorical targeting.

According to Chief Social Welfare Officer in the Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare Anastazio Matewere, Categorical targeting identifies and selects beneficiaries based on specific vulnerability categories, such as age, disability status, or chronic illness and child headed households. He concluded by saying that the new targeting approach ensures that the most vulnerable segments of the population are fairly reached out with social support.

Beneficiaries in Mulanje District have expressed their excitement and gratitude for being included in the program. 

For many, this support means a significant improvement in their quality of life, providing financial stability and the ability to meet essential needs.