Cash Transfers

Unconditional cash transfers currently take place on a bi-monthly basis and are delivered ‘over-the-table’ (District teams handover physical Kwacha to recipients on allotted paydays).

Currently, the project’s average transfer value per household amounts to MWK 9,000 per month. 


In the majority of Districts, payment processes are manual. District teams communicate a day every two months for cash distribution. Recipients travel to collect cash in-person (or using a designated representative for their household). National ID numbers and fingerprinting are used to ensure distribution to the correct recipient. 

Currently both Irish Aid Districts use e-payments for Cash Transfer delivery and one of the key programme objectives for 2021 is the rapid expansion of e-payments across all KfW and EU-funded Districts (14 in total; see Map). Policy direction of travel is to ultimately transition towards full e-payment across the programme.